Christian Hübscher

  • Long-term experience and profound knowledge in operative and strategic procurement
  • Recognized senior leader with specialization of increasing productivity and generating added values
  • Balancing Cost and Service where technology, digitalisation, automation and robotics will become standard
  • Extensive knowledge of global program implementations

Axel Vangilbergen

  • Experienced global sales scientist leading sales teams to better results
  • Profound knowledge of the HR Services industry with a holistic view on the international labor markets
  • Trusted Advisor in Human Capital Management
  • Thought Leadership in Workforce Transformation Models


Independency & Neutrality

Concepts adapted to the customer requirements

Individuality & Flexibility

Whenever and wherever you need that support

Practicality & Pragmatism

Simple, action-oriented and fast targeting procedures

Focus & Relevance

Our assessment defines the right approach

Procurement & Sales

Get the best of both worlds


„Innovation and thought leadership“

Out-of-the-box thinking, with the objective of innovating the service delivery and implementation of new technologies. Conducting 3D motion studies and cobot applications increasing produtivity and reducing costs

Filling gaps in the workforce planning, reshaping production environment and increased productivity by implementing collaborative cobots

„Managed Service Provider (MSP)“

Development and implementation of a groupwide program to simplify and automate the management of external workers

Usage of an external service provider and implementation of an uniform on-/offboarding process with simultaneous increase of productivity by 5% - 7%

„Learning Managed Services“

Crossdivisional program to simplify and optimize the procurement of training services through the use of a 3rd party service providers

Selection of a service provider for the management of training suppliers and individual training measures. Reduction of the number of suppliers and prices by 10% -15%

„Fleet Management“

Analysis and benchmarking of current fleet situation and execution of a global tender with volume bundling and preferred supplier selection

Implementation of a global program, selection of preferred automotive and leasing providers and gaining up to 12% savings